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happy halloween

I am HalloQween and am here to help you celebrate my favorite holiday. Halloween is one of the most enjoyable holidays of the year. The copious amounts of candy, spooky atmosphere, creepy costumes and Halloween games all come together to make it a fun-filled night for the young and young at heart.

I am dedicated to providing quality information on all things Halloween. You’ll find Halloween-themed articles, fun recipes, cool Halloween costumes and more.

I love Halloween and know that you love it, too, darlings. No matter your taste or preference, I am committed to helping you celebrate Halloween 365 days of the year.

Halloween Superstitions


There are hundreds of superstitions and Halloween seems to conjure up some of the most creative ones. Here are a few of the superstitions that are associated with or maybe inspired by Halloween: 1. Don’t look behind you if you hear footsteps. It might be the dead following you. 2. It is said that girls should go into a field and scatter hemp seed. They should chant, “Hempseed I sow thee Come after me and show me.” When each girl spins around quickly, she will see a vision of the man who will be her husband. 3. If a bat … There’s more, darlings

Vampire Costumes

Vampire Couple

Vampire costumes are unquestionably the costumes of choice for Halloween, darlings. Dracula costumes have always been popular; this legendary anti-hero is the most notorious of all vampires, male or female. All other vampire characters honor Dracula in some fashion. Nosferatu was an unauthorized 1922 silent movie version of Bram Stoker’s Dracula novel. The main character is quite scary-looking. It was in this film that the idea of a vampire being destroy by the light of day originated. A few years later, in 1931, Bela Lugosi starred as Count Dracula in an official cinematic version of Stoker’s novel. This spawned two other … There’s more, darlings

Harley Quinn Costumes


Darlings, there is no doubt you should consider any Batman or Suicide Squad characters for 2016’s Halloween dress-up, and one of the best choices would be that of Harley Quinn. With its more adult themes, these Harley Quinn costumes will no doubt appeal to many people out there looking for something that lets them show off their assets while looking great in their own right. Do It Yourself Costume For the DIY crowd, let’s start by saying that this costume, unless you’re looking to do it in a vague manner, is more likely to work for people who think of themselves as … There’s more, darlings

Wiener Worms

wiener worms

It isn’t uncommon, darlings, for families to eat hot dogs, or wieners, from time to time throughout the year. They’re quick and easy to prepare, especially when you’re rushed for time. This Halloween, why not surprise your family by serving Weiner Worms instead of traditional hot dogs? You can serve these in a bun or just put them on a plate as an appetizer with condiments for dipping. Enough hot dogs for each person A sharp knife A cutting board Your favorite condiments – Ketchup, Mustard, Mayonnaise and/or Pickle Relish   Place the hot dogs on the cutting board and … There’s more, darlings